Saturday, 6 August 2016

Real Estate Marketing Tips That Really Work

Marketing is not just an important part of business strategy, but an art which we either learn from our own experiences or from others’ experiences. If you are new to the world of real estate business, then here are some amazing marketing tips from the estate agency marketing Experts-Prestige Creative.

Marketing Tip #1

When you write your promotional materials or interact with your potential customers, ask a powerful question to engage your prospects. To get buyer leads, ask a buyer question that will make your customers listen and take notice. Similarly, if you want Seller leads ask a seller question.

Marketing Tip #2

Offer your potential customers something of value. Tell your prospects what will they get, if they do what you want them to do.

Marketing Tip #3

You can either offer them their free gift on the spot or tell them to pick up their gift at your Open House or at a seminar organized by you. At the seminar, you also have the opportunity to give them your estate agents flyers and other promotional materials. If they cannot attend your event, ask for their address and other contact details; this way they will have their gift and you will have a new lead. When you offer them something of value, you have a better relationship with them and you are most likely to be recommended by them to their friends, relatives, co-workers as well.

Marketing Tip #4

Follow up. Once you have the contact, you must keep in touch with your customers. For example, you can give them some real estate news or ask them to comment on your seminar or presentation and how you can make your services better. By keeping in touch over useful and pleasant things, you will build a relationship and you will eventually become an estate agent of choice.

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How To Make Flyers An Important Part Of Your Estate Marketing Strategy?

Flyers are an affordable and highly effective way to let people know about your estate agency services within a specific location.

Raising brand awareness and getting continuous inquiries, is very important for the health of your business. In this post by Prestige Creative-the leading company for estate agency leaflets, we will read about the best ways to ensure that your branded materials are held on to for longer.

What Are Leaflets?

Leaflets aremainly printed marketing materials that are colorful and full of graphics. They present text and information about a company and are mostly double sided. They can be handed over to the potential customers during promotional events, can be distributed door to door, or distributed along with other materials, such as newspapers.

Why use leaflets for Marketing?

Leaflets, when used properly, especially in real estate business can bring additional sales and customers for the business. Estate agents leaflets can be given as giveaway to potential customers, asa means of providing more information to a client who has requested it at a promotional event, as a method of promoting special sales where they can be used to avail a particular discount.

One of the main benefits of using leaflets for promotion is that it allows companies to stick to their budget while reaping high benefits.

Tips to make Effective Flyers

Flyers can do wonders for your estate agents business, but they must be designed and created in the right way. Here are some useful tips to design your estate agent leaflets:

·         Use Colors that are part of the company logo, that way the flyers will become more recognizable in the eyes of the customers.

·         Use attractive images of your property; this will help captivate the attention of the customers and compel them to read the text written on the flyer.

·         Highlight the important points, like your company may be offering a discounted offer, a new product, etc. State them all in a few big and bold words.

Using these components can help you createeffective flyers for your business and give a boost to the marketing campaign of your company. For more tips on leaflet designs or to get the best estate agents leaflets from the experts, visit Prestige Creative at-